I’m a fan of the NBA.

It’s the best sport on earth.

I like the league.

And I also like the business model.

I don’t think it’s going anywhere, not anytime soon.

But the league is being forced into a business it can’t compete in.

And it’s being forced to become more profitable.

And the league’s going to have to figure out how to do that.

And for the league to make money, it needs to be a better product.

And that means more money.

So I’m going to be an analyst for a year.

And that’s not going to mean anything for the next two years.

But if I don`t make more money in two years, that means I can`t be the analyst.

And then you are forced to take a more active role in the league or a worse product.

It doesn`t work like that in the NBA, where I can sit in the office for hours on end and do what I do for a living.

But that doesn`ts mean I can’t get my hands dirty with the team, either.

We had a meeting with our general manager.

And we were talking about some of the things that have to happen in the next year or two, to make it work.

But we don`re going to spend any time thinking about how we should play the league, how we might improve it.

We`re not going there.

We are just going to figure things out, like I did in the NFL.

And as a player, you have to be willing to work for your job, because that is the only way you get paid.

And to do it, you must have a passion for the game and be willing and able to play it for a pay.

And you have got to have a desire to be the best you can be at the very least.

Thats it.

That is what makes this business.

That’s the only reason I am here.

And when I get out, I want to be there to see the new and exciting thing that we have.

I want it to be new and interesting.

So we are going to get the business right.

And I want us to get it right for the fans.

Because as a fan, I know what it takes to support the team.

That starts with making the right decisions.

And if the decision makers on the other side don`s not understand what that means, I don, either, so I will take that responsibility on myself.

So the fans should be a part of that decision making.

And they should be the ones that can make that decision.

I am a fan.

That means I have to go to the games, I have got the fans in my pocket.

So if the fans don`ts like it, that is OK.

They can always switch it off.

That will happen.

But we need to make sure the fans understand what it means to be fans.

And what it really means to me to be part of this business and to be in the front line of things, and to see it happen.

So that will be a huge challenge.

I have a responsibility to keep that in mind.

And a lot of that will come down to what I say to the fans and what I feel like they should know.

But it is a challenge.