The American Council on Technology and the Arts announced on Monday that Dickinson Technology has won the $1,200,000 contract to make $10,000 earrings that will be worn by the heads of the world`s top technology companies.

The bid is for the “Dickinson Earrings” earrings.

The $1 million contract will be for four weeks of work, according to the ATCA, which is a nonprofit trade association for technology and the arts.

The contract will provide for production and testing of the earrings and manufacturing of an additional $3,000 for testing.

Dickinson Technologies has been awarded the contract to produce a variety of “Dickenson Earrings,” which are worn by CEOs of the largest technology companies and other prominent figures in the tech industry.

The company has been competing for the contract for more than two years.

The company won a bid in 2014 for a similar contract for $2 million, according in an August announcement.

The bidding began Aug. 1 and will end Sept. 30, the ATSA said.

Dickenson Technology has been manufacturing earrings for more or less 20 years, according a company press release.

They have been designed by hand and are crafted from premium silicone and are handmade to order.

The earrings can be purchased individually, as part of a set, or as part, as a bundle.

The earrings will be made in a facility in Texas, where Dickinson Technologies also has a factory, according the company.