Computer software is no longer the only thing you can use to view the web.

Now you can upload files to a server and access the site from any device you own.

The software is called the internet-of-things, or IoT.

The internet of things is a rapidly expanding industry.

Its emergence is due to advances in software and cloud computing.

The company that makes this technology is called Synapse, and its products include smart home automation, wireless cameras, and home automation devices.

It also has a website that allows users to buy its products.

The software is becoming increasingly popular with companies that have a large presence in the internet of everything.

For example, a major internet-enabled grocery store recently started selling smart bags, and the company has sold its products to companies that want to keep their customers connected to the internet.

But while smart bags are gaining traction, they’re still not ubiquitous.

A report released this week by the consulting firm CB Insights found that only about one in four internet-connected devices has a built-in camera.

And only about 10% of the devices surveyed have a remote control.

In addition, the survey found that more than 80% of connected devices have no security features.

The researchers also found that most devices, at least 99%, are susceptible to data breaches.

This is an image of a Samsung SmartThings Hub that includes a smartphone, a laptop, a hub, a remote, a lightbulb, and a smart alarm.

The report also found many of the IoT devices on the market are vulnerable to malware.

The report found that a significant number of IoT devices were susceptible to malware because of the ease with which a malicious party could infect a device with a malware infection.

There are several reasons why companies are investing in this technology, the researchers wrote.

Some are simply interested in being in the market for IoT products.

Others, like Sony, are interested in creating new revenue streams by making products that have an added layer of security.

And some, like Apple, are investing to develop products that are safer and more convenient.

Companies can choose whether to use the internet for their devices.

They can make sure that the devices are secure, but they can also create a platform that can be used to help companies automate their IoT activities.

For instance, companies can set up a cloud-based system to help with the monitoring of IoT activity.

Some companies have even begun to make products that will be connected to their networks via the internet as well as connected to sensors, cameras, or other devices that are plugged into the internet to collect data.

These devices will then be able to automatically start up and stop automatically.