The Globe and Mail article Posted March 08, 2018 08:18:56The city of Halifax has agreed to pay a lawyer $250,000 after a former city engineer claimed she was fired for trying to fix a faulty computer system.

In the lawsuit, filed by Susanne Lea, the former engineer alleged she was retaliated against for trying out new equipment.

She says Halifax made her feel unsafe and that her dismissal violated her rights as an employee.

Lea’s lawyer, John McAllister, says his client has a new computer and is trying to work around the problems.

“She was trying to make sure that the software was compatible with the hardware and that the technology was working as expected,” McAllisters lawyer said in an interview.

“We are disappointed that we are being forced to take this legal action because we believe that our client is entitled to due process.”

The city said it will settle with Lea in January 2018.

The amount of the settlement was not disclosed.

Lea has since left the city.