If you’ve been stuck in a virtual office for the past month, you’re probably not the only one.

The world has turned into a giant computer lab, with virtual ink, tattooing and computer equipment sales dominating the marketplace.

And for good reason.

There’s a whole world of tattooing to be made, and the technology to do it is already here.

Here’s what you’re missing out on if you don’t already own tattoo equipment.1.

A desktop tattoo machine is now a reality2.

A tattoo studio is now just a phone call away3.

A computer tattoo shop can now handle all of your tattoo needs4.

A PC tattoo studio can handle your tattoo orders for you5.

You can now take your tattoo into a tattoo shop that actually understands your style6.

A digital tattoo studio has become a reality.7.

A tablet tattoo studio will be a reality in a few years.8.

A smartphone tattoo studio works with your tattoo app.9.

You don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to tattoo on your iPhone or iPad.10.

You’ll be able to order tattoos online in just a few clicks.11.

Your tattoo ink will be more accurate than ever before.12.

You’ve got a tattoo, now you can get it in the comfort of your own home.13.

You’re now able to take your digital tattoo into your tattoo shop, instead of going to a traditional tattoo shop.14.

You won’t have an uncomfortable waiting room to go through.15.

You will no longer have to make an appointment to get your tattoo done.16.

You are now able see what your tattoo looks like on your own computer.17.

You have access to a computer tattoo studio that can handle all your tattooing needs.18.

You now can buy tattoo ink online for just $10 per month.19.

You no longer need to wait to get the tattoo.20.

You may be able find an older tattoo to upgrade to a new one.21.

Your computer tattoo machine can now get the best tattoo in the world.22.

Your digital tattoo shop is now the most trusted tattoo shop in the country.23.

You need a tattoo that fits your personality.24.

You do not have to spend hours getting a tattoo.25.

You save money and time by buying tattoo equipment in-person instead of online.26.

Your tattoos will be the most personal, accurate, and memorable ever.27.

Your phone tattoo shop will become your tattoo studio.28.

You got a phone tattoo, you can now order it right here in your home.29.

You saved money and hours when you bought a tattoo machine.30.

You want a computer lab for your tattoo, tattoo shop or computer tattoo business.31.

You know where to get an expert tattoo artist to get it done.32.

You and your family can now spend less time in the office.33.

You were able to get a tattoo without leaving your home for a long time.34.

You made it on your first tattoo without going to an office.35.

You get a free tattoo with every tattoo you buy.36.

You already know where the best computer tattoo shops are, and you can order your tattoo on their computer.37.

You feel comfortable talking with your online tattoo shop about your needs.38.

You might even be able get a job with them.39.

Your smartphone tattoo shop now has a tattoo app to help you get your tattoos done.40.

You plan on getting a better tattoo in less time, instead with your computer tattoo lab.41.

You think you’ll never need a computer or tattoo studio again.42.

You never have to buy a computer for a tattoo again.