Microsoft announced Tuesday that it had lost 4,078 jobs during the summer and that it was shutting down its business operations for the summer.

The company said it was making some changes to its operations, but didn’t offer details.

The news comes just two days before Microsoft is scheduled to reveal its full-year earnings report later this month.

Microsoft said in its earnings call that it would keep most of its workforce on hand for the end of the summer, and would increase the number of people working in its Seattle office.

Microsoft has been cutting costs by closing stores and consolidating operations in recent years.

The cuts have led to a spike in sales of its products, but the company is also losing some customers.

The loss of its Seattle headquarters has also led to concerns that Microsoft’s cloud computing business is in trouble, with analysts citing concerns about its ability to meet customers’ demands.

Microsoft is also trying to get rid of some of its older Windows-based computers and other devices that Microsoft bought with a $7.5 billion investment.

The Redmond, Washington-based company also said it would lay off about 3,000 people in its software engineering team and close a number of manufacturing jobs.

“We are making some difficult decisions today to focus on our core business, including some of the decisions we made in the summer,” said Bill Gates, the company’s CEO.

Gates said Microsoft would also be laying off about 200 people in marketing, engineering, finance, and other divisions as part of its planned buyout of Nokia’s smartphone business.

Microsoft will also reduce the size of its corporate campus in Redmond, and is reducing its workforce in other parts of the company.

The announcement comes after Microsoft has already announced its plans to shutter a number to its Seattle operations over the summer months.

Microsoft announced plans to shut down its software business in Seattle, cutting the number at which employees could work there to 1,500 people.

The decision was made after Microsoft was unable to meet the needs of its customers and investors, including those who rely on its cloud computing service.

Microsoft, which has more than 1.4 billion users worldwide, announced that it will close its Seattle and other corporate headquarters in June.

Microsoft also announced on Tuesday that its software sales in the United States were up 6% in the first quarter.

The Microsoft stock price is up about 1% to $24.70 a share in after-hours trading.

Microsoft did not offer details about the jobs cuts it is planning.

Microsoft’s announcement comes less than a week after the company announced plans for a $3.6 billion deal to buy Nokia, which it said was the best-in-class deal in its history.

The deal, which was announced on Monday, will allow Microsoft to take over the handset and internet technology companies, and will give the company a greater foothold in the emerging smartphone market.

Microsoft shares closed at $22.55 a share on Tuesday.