Italia’s football team has been granted a provisional licence to buy equipment from a UK company to improve its ability to track opponents’ movements.

The Italian football team will buy new equipment from the company Computer Solutions after the Football Association of Italy (FRA) granted them provisional licences to do so in March.

The FA granted them licence to use the equipment after it found it to be useful in detecting and tracking players’ movements, in the event of any incident during a match.

“It’s important to note that we have a specific contract with the company and we will use the new equipment,” the FA said in a statement.

“The company is based in the UK and is authorised by the FA to use its equipment in this respect.”

We have to take into account the possibility that the equipment might have been damaged during a transfer.

“This is the case in any case and we can therefore confirm that the new computer-specific equipment is compatible with the system.”

The FA said it had also contacted the company, which is based near Cambridge, and had “expressed interest in acquiring the equipment”.

The Football Association said it would also investigate the possibility of the equipment being used by the other Italian teams.