When buying a computer or laptop, you want to be sure it has all the features you need, like a full-size hard drive and a dedicated memory for your files.

In the past, we’ve covered how to do that by using free online tools like Gizmodo’s How to Buy a Computer.

However, these free tools can be a little overwhelming to get started, so we’ve compiled a list of tools that will help you get the most bang for your buck on your next purchase.

If you’ve already bought a used computer or used a laptop, check out our guide to saving money on new computers, too.


GizModo’s Buying a Computer Guide The GizMODO guide on buying a used PC offers a thorough overview of the different types of computers, what they have to offer, and how much you’ll have to pay.

The guide covers all of the important details about a PC, such as the processor, RAM, hard drive, storage, and so on.

For the most part, it also includes the basic specs and features that are important for your specific needs.


Geek Squad’s How-to Guide Geek Squad has compiled a comprehensive list of useful tips for buying used PCs, which includes a list that explains how to determine if the PC you’re considering has the latest and greatest features.

The list includes links to articles, videos, and other resources that give detailed information on what to look for when buying a new computer.


The Verge’s Guide to Getting a New PC in 3 Easy Steps For those of you who are looking for a new laptop or desktop PC, we also have a guide to getting one for under $1,000.

This guide is designed to help you identify what you’re looking for, how to get one, and which options you might want to consider.


The Next Web’s Guide for Buying Used Computers We’ve written a guide on how to buy a used laptop or computer, but you may be wondering if you should just use our guides to buy used PCs instead.

That’s a good question, and it’s one we’re going to cover more extensively in our guide on getting a new PC for under 500 dollars.

We’ve also included a list for those of us who are more interested in getting a laptop or laptop replacement, and we’ve also put together a handy guide for those who want to go the extra mile and buy a new gaming PC or graphics card.


TechRadar’s Guide on Buying Computers for Beginners and Experts For those who aren’t quite ready to spend more than $500, we have a comprehensive guide to buying a PC for beginners and experts.

In this guide, we cover everything from basic computer basics, such of how to connect and use your computer, to buying new software, operating systems, and accessories.


The Ars Technica Guide to Buying A Used Computer and PC for Beginner or Expert For those just starting out, we’re offering a guide that helps you find what you need to buy for under 300 dollars.

It covers everything from basics to buying software, the latest in computers, and more.


Ars Technic’s Guide To Buying Computer Parts for Beginngers or Experts This guide from the Ars Technics is a good place to start for anyone who’s just starting with computers.

The article provides tips for getting a brand new computer, and the guides provide advice on how you can start with the basics.


Techradar’s Guides on Buys A New PC for Under 500 Dollars for Beginning and Expert Beginner PC Buying Beginner PCs for Under 250 We’re going over how to start off by figuring out what you want your next computer to look like, and then we’ll show you the best deals on new laptops and PC parts.

For Beginners, we recommend checking out our Beginner Guide to a New Computer for Beginnings guide.

If that guide is your best source for information on the best PC deals, you can use the links below to see the best prices and get started.


The Macworld Guide to Starting Off with a Computer For beginners and advanced users, we provide the same comprehensive guide you’d find on any PC buying site.

In addition to the guides for buying the computer, we’ll also discuss the best tools for getting started, and help you make the best decision for your computer needs.


TechRaptor’s Guide On Buying New PCs for Beginninners or Experts Beginners PCs for under 200 and Beginners laptops for under 100,000 We’re including the best deal on new laptop and computer parts on our Beginners guide.

For experts, we offer a more comprehensive guide for under 250,000 computers.

For beginners, we want to make sure you’re buying a quality laptop and laptop replacement for under 150,000 dollars.


Macworld’s Guide For Beginner