Buying new computers or buying a computer that doesn’t need to be upgraded can save you hundreds of dollars over the next few years, according to the Computer Equipment Manufacturers Association.

The trade group says consumers have been shopping for computer systems that are the same or better than their old models for decades, but new ones are becoming increasingly hard to find.

It says the industry has been working on an upgrade to the old “gold standard” of Windows, which was developed by IBM and the Windows 95 operating system that came with it.

But new computer equipment from Apple and Dell are becoming even harder to find, so many consumers are shopping online instead.

The industry says new models have been on the market for more than 10 years, and that many manufacturers are now in the process of updating their software to match.

The association says the new versions of Windows and Linux will keep consumers from spending $200 to $500 more than their previous computers.

They will save them $200 per year on a new computer, the association says.

And in some cases, they’ll save them a bit more.

The Association says most new models are expected to have a lower price tag than older models, while newer models can offer faster speeds.

But the association notes the computer industry is struggling to keep up with the demand for new computers.

The association says a third of new computer systems will have no warranty, and the average replacement cost for older models will be more than $800.

The group says it’s important to compare products with similar features to make sure they offer the same benefits.

And it says manufacturers should make it easy for consumers to find the computer they want, and then help them make a purchase.

The Association says if you’re buying new computer hardware, it’s better to choose a computer with features that are as good or better for the environment as possible, or the same features and prices for less money.