An elderly man in Georgia said he had to switch to a laptop when he was unable to reach a remote control because of a computer glitch.

Matt Brown, of Atlanta, told WSBTV that his laptop crashed in December and he had a laptop and power supply for several months.

He said he couldn’t connect it to a power source because of the laptop glitch.

Brown said he’s been a hard worker and has been using his computer since he was a teenager.

When he retired, he wanted to keep his laptop, but the computer repair shop that handled his laptop said he was not eligible to have one, he told WSPR.

The shop told him the laptop had been purchased before the glitch.

When Brown was trying to get the laptop repaired, the shop owner, who also happens to be a disabled veteran, told him they would not repair it, Brown told WXIA-TV.

When the elderly man complained to the store manager, she told him that his request was denied, WSB-TV reported.

The elderly man had told his supervisor he couldn.

Brown said he contacted the VA to get help, but they didn’t respond to his call.

The man told WSAZ that he’s trying to find a replacement computer but that it would cost hundreds of dollars to fix the problem.

He also said that the company told him he wouldn’t get the new laptop for two years because of his disability.

“I can’t even find it, I’m having problems finding it,” the man said.

“I just can’t find it.

It’s all gone.

They won’t give me anything.

The guy who was supposed to fix it, he doesn’t even have a computer.

I can’t get anything.”

The elderly woman who had the laptop told WVEC that she is too sick to work and is now out of work.

The owner of the shop where the elderly woman works said she’s going to have to hire someone to take care of the computer.