In the last two years, al-Qaeda has been able to create computer hardware to carry out sophisticated and deadly attacks, such as those against the US embassy and the CIA headquarters in Yemen in 2012.

The equipment has been designed and manufactured by al-Qaida affiliates in Yemen and is intended to attack US and coalition forces.

The computers are capable of storing and retrieving information, including video and audio.

A new piece of equipment called the “black box” is the latest version of the al Qaida-designed computers.

This new computer-equipped device, which is still being tested, is capable of retrieving and storing video, images and voice messages and can be used to communicate with its operator via encrypted satellite communications.

In January, a second device that was also made by al Quds forces, called the Tidal Wave, was tested in the desert near Qal’at al-Zur, a town about 250km north of Sanaa.

The Tidal Waves can also be used in combat, where it can be programmed to use rockets or explosives to destroy targets, according to Reuters.

But it has also been used to carry and detonate bombs.

Al-Quds has previously used the TideWave, which was built by an Iranian company.

Al Quds has also had a long history of developing and using weapons of mass destruction, including mustard gas, and has previously released videos showing it making chemical weapons.

The group’s weapons program has included a number of improvised devices that can be remotely controlled, including one used to launch chemical rockets, Reuters reported.

The al Qudis also possess a number the sophisticated technology to create a biological weapons arsenal, Reuters added.

It was not clear how much money al-Qudis has raised to buy the new devices, or how much of it was spent on them.

The United States has also seen a surge in the number of people who have joined the al Qaeda-linked group in recent months, Reuters said.

The CIA and the Pentagon have been monitoring the al Sayyaf group closely, including through the use of surveillance drones.

A drone, which has been used by al Qaeda since 2002, is currently circling over the al Jazeera offices in Dubai.