Razer Computer, a California-based startup that makes electronic components and is best known for its high-end PC hardware, is getting its $200K Raspberry Pi computer up for sale.

Razer said it will ship its $100K machine to customers in August.

The Raspberry Pi is a small, low-cost computer built with a Raspberry Pi microcontroller.

It uses a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip, but it has no Ethernet, GPS or cellular radio capability.

Its purpose is to allow people to build their own small, portable computer, and it’s not uncommon to see Raspberry Pi computers sold on eBay and Craigslist.

Razer said it bought the computer from an unidentified buyer and has since removed the Raspberry Pi from its website.

The company says the Raspberry has a USB-C port and that the computer can be plugged into a smartphone for video calls, or into a TV for streaming video.

It can also power up an iPhone 5 or 5s with the power adapter included.

Razor said the Raspberry will run $20-$30 on its website, with a shipping cost of $20.

Razzie said it sold about a dozen Raspberry Pi devices and has sold thousands of other devices to customers.

The company is planning to start selling the Raspberry on its site and on Amazon.com.

Razy said its $1,000 Razzie Pi 2 was designed to make the most of a Raspberry, and the company said it’s selling a few hundred more of its $3,000 model for $50.

The Razzies sold about 20,000 units in the first quarter, with sales expected to grow to about 200,000 this year, Razer said.

It plans to expand sales of its products to include the Raspberry as well.