A quick trip through a popular online marketplace will reveal a number of websites that are swamped with potential sales. 

But some of the sites are worth avoiding. 

Here are a few sites that aren’t worth checking out and some that may prove to be worth a visit.1.





Amazon Prime.com6.

Amazon Video7.

Amazon Marketplace8.

Amazon Search9.

Amazon Shopping10.

Amazon Radio11.

Amazon TV12.

Amazon Vue13.

Amazon Weather14.

Amazon Store15.

Amazon Gift Cards16.

Amazon Mobile17.

Amazon Media18.

Amazon Music19.

Amazon Widget20.

Amazon Pay21.

Amazon Appstore22.

Amazon Health23.

Amazon Student24.

Amazon Bookstore25.

Amazon Kids26.

Amazon Movies27.

Amazon Movies28.

Amazon Sports29.

Amazon Pets30.

Amazon Pet Products31.

Amazon Travel32.

Amazon Webstore33.

Amazon Wine34.

Amazon Electronics35.

Amazon Home40.

Amazon Watches41.

Amazon Gaming42.

Amazon Camcorders43.

Amazon Cameras44.

Amazon Wireless45.

Amazon Penes46.

Amazon Earbuds47.

Amazon Phone48.

Amazon Kindle Earbud49.

Amazon Audio50.

Amazon Camera Accessories51.

Amazon CarPlay52.

Amazon Accessories53.

Amazon Storage54.

Amazon Smart Home55.

Amazon Laptop56.

Amazon Power Delivery57.

Amazon Tiles58.

Amazon Fire TV 59.

Amazon Sling Accessories60.

Amazon Stationery61.

Amazon Wearable Accessories62.

Amazon Toys63.

Amazon Games64.

Amazon Fitness Accessories65.

Amazon Shoes66.

Amazon Handbags67.

Amazon Canned Goods68.

Amazon Jewelry69.

Amazon Beach Towels70.

Amazon Baby Bags71.

Amazon Gifts72.

Amazon Books73.

Amazon Shampoo74.

Amazon Personal Care Products75.

Amazon Body Wash76.

Amazon Bedding77.

Amazon Grocery Items78.

Amazon Toothpaste79.

Amazon Pads80.

Amazon Plastics81.

Amazon Cleaning Supplies82.

Amazon Glass83.

Amazon Woodworking Tools84.

Amazon Pottery85.

Amazon Musical Instruments86.

Amazon Paintings87.

Amazon Bath Products88.

Amazon Leather Goods89.

Amazon Paper Products90.

Amazon Coffee Products91.

Amazon Oil & Gas92.

Amazon Snacks93.

Amazon Fertilizer &amp.amp.amplifiers94.

Amazon Natural Groceries95.

Amazon Supermarkets96.

Amazon Bags97.

Amazon Clothing98.

Amazon Furniture99.

Amazon Digital Albums100.

Amazon Photo Albums101.

Amazon Movie Downloads102.

Amazon Videos103.

Amazon Originals104.

Amazon Game Deals105.

Amazon Newsletters106.

Amazon Apps107.

Amazon Cloud Drive108.

Amazon Calendar109.

Amazon Mail110.

Amazon Photos111.

Amazon Stocks112.

Amazon Cars113.

Amazon Medical Devices114.

Amazon Fashion Accessories115.

Amazon Toy Shop116.

Amazon Household Items117.

Amazon Clothes Accessories118.

Amazon Office Supplies119.

Amazon Transportation Accessories120.

Amazon Haircuts121.

Amazon Gym Nuts122.

Amazon Antiques123.

Amazon Artwork124.

Amazon Food Accessories125.

Amazon DIY Items126.

Amazon Hobbies127.

Amazon Christmas Gifts128.

Amazon Crafts and Gifts129.

Amazon Vacation Items130.

Amazon Beauty &amp.;gadgets 131.

Amazon Outdoor Accessories132.

Amazon Auto Parts133.

Amazon Solar Panels134.

Amazon Portable Items135.

Amazon Electric Furniture136.

Amazon Air Conditioners137.

Amazon Landscapes138.

Amazon Backpackers’ Gear139.

Amazon Waterproof Bath Towels140.

Amazon Icebox 141.

Amazon Fishing Gear142.

Amazon Lawn Care Products143.

Amazon HVAC Supplies144.

Amazon Rugs145.

Amazon Garbage Disposal Supplies146.

Amazon Garage Sale Items147.

Amazon Garden Supplies148.

Amazon Camping Supplements149.

Amazon Sporting Goods150.

Amazon Swimming Supplements151.

Amazon Wholesale Merchandise152.

Amazon Outlet Items153.

Amazon Entertainment Products154.

Amazon Livingroom Accessories155.

Amazon Tableware156.

Amazon Dining Outline Items157.

Amazon Appliances158.

Amazon Cell Phone Accessories159.

Amazon Computer Accessories160.

Amazon Motorcycle Accessories161.

Amazon Scuba Diving Supplies162.

Amazon Spas &amp.: Scuba Accessories163.

Amazon Soft-sided Towels164.

Amazon Snowboards165.

Amazon Soccer Supplies166.

Amazon Baseball Supplies167.

Amazon Bike Accessories168.

Amazon Skateboards169.

Amazon Skiing Supplasses170.

Amazon Wheelchair Accessories171.

Amazon Bowling Supplies172.

Amazon Golf Equipment173.

Amazon Horsepower Supplies174.

Amazon Boats and RVs175.

Amazon Off-Roading Supply176.

Amazon Sport Goods177.

Amazon Gear &amp.

“Gear &amps.”178.

Amazon Tools &amp..


Amazon Electrical Supplies180