Dickinson Technology Room, a three-story building at the intersection of 16th Street and Virginia Avenue NW, is undergoing an upgrade to make it more appealing to new residents.

The project will include a new lobby and dining area, as well as a larger space for conference space, a small library, a new office and storage room, and a larger meeting space.

The renovations, which were funded with $8.5 million in grants from the National Science Foundation, will begin this fall and are expected to be complete by spring 2019.

The renovation also will include upgrades to the building’s electrical and plumbing systems.

“I’m excited about what’s happening here, and what we can bring to the community,” said Chris Karpinski, a professor of architecture at the Washington University School of Architecture.

“It’s really important that we bring new and innovative ideas to the table, and that’s what we’re doing here.”

The project is being spearheaded by a team of architectural and design experts, including Karpinskis son, John Karpinsky, a senior architect for the U.S. Naval Academy.

They’re seeking to upgrade the existing structure to become more welcoming to visitors and residents.

The Dickinson Computing Room has been around for a long time, but has not received much attention from Washington residents.

Karpinki said that the new renovations will give it a new look.

“I’m very proud of this project,” he said.

“This is a really important building for the city, and the city needs it.”

Dickinson Technology Center opened in the 1960s as a research and development center.

The building has hosted several conferences, including the annual Georgetown Business Forum, the annual Institute for Public Affairs and the Institute of Museum & Archives Arts.

In addition, the center hosts numerous other programs.

Dickinson is located at the corner of 16 and Virginia, NW, between 16th and 16th Streets.

It was originally a railroad station, but in the 1970s the space was converted into offices for a new department, Dickinson.

In the early 1990s, Dick Robinson began construction on a new building.

It is expected to cost $20 million.

The project will cost $8 million, according to Karpins office.

A group of private investors and private residents are investing $7 million, and Dickinson will receive $3 million in tax incentives.

The construction will be completed by the end of 2019.

Karpinski said that Dickinson’s plans to renovate the building are driven in part by the need for more office space in Washington.

“Dickinson, I think, has been a really significant, significant player in the space,” he explained.

“There are people who want to do new and different things.

The space is there, and we just want to make sure it’s a great place to live.”

Karpinskes son said that they hope to incorporate new technology into the building, including LED lighting.

“We’re hoping to make the building a place where you can really be creative and creative with your space,” Karpin said.

The new building will also be home to a new community center, a bookstore, a coffee shop, and another community center.

The renovated Dickinson is currently undergoing a $1.2 million renovation to the lobby, according the Washington Building Association.

The lobby is currently under renovation for its first phase, which includes an interior and exterior facelift.

Karsinski said he hopes to complete the renovations this summer.

Karstinski said Dickinson has also become a focal point for the community.

“The building has a very high capacity,” he added.

“So, we’re very excited about the new project.

It’s going to be a really great addition to the neighborhood.”