Computer tattooing equipment will go up on eBay for $1,400 next week, marking a record for the Internet of Things.

The equipment, called “Safari,” is a Bluetooth connected tattoo machine that attaches to a user’s computer and lets them upload their digital artwork onto a computer.

It can take images as small as 1.5 centimeters by 1.0 centimeters and is capable of printing and printing multiple images at once, according to a listing on eBay.

It also allows the tattooer to control the image with a finger on a touchscreen.

“Safaryt” is one of two devices to go on the auction site this week, along with a smartphone app called “Rescue the Tattoo.”

The app has already sold more than 1,300 pieces, according the listing.

Tattooers can get more information about the auction on the company’s website.