Google News has learned that a local electronics store in China is planning to become a computer equipment retailer.

The announcement was made by the Shanghai Electronics Store Association (SEA), which says it has the authority to take over the existing equipment shop at 6-8 Wudang Road in the northern city of Wuhan.

It is not clear if the company is a subsidiary of an established company, or if it will be owned by the SEA.

A Google spokesperson said: “We are not able to comment on rumors and speculation but our local partners are very proud of their work in supporting local businesses and are looking forward to welcoming our new business partners into our global network.”

In October, China announced that it was considering creating a separate company to run the country’s online retailing, with the new entity to focus on hardware, internet and technology.

As well as a number of other initiatives, the Chinese government has also been pursuing a strategy of reducing the amount of internet traffic it delivers to the country.

The country is trying to boost the speed of internet by expanding its broadband network to more people, which will mean more traffic for internet service providers.

Chinese regulators are also considering increasing the amount China can charge for internet access.

The new SEA will be able to offer discounts for internet users who have already paid for internet.

This means that it could potentially offer a cheaper rate to those who already have access to the internet.