by John Nester, USA TODAY article When Google announced plans to move the headquarters of its search engine, Gmail, from its current site in Mountain View, Calif., to a new site in San Francisco, the company said it would be bringing thousands of people to the city to help with the relocation.

“We’ve always had a large contingent of people working in Mountain Park, so we thought it would make sense to keep them there,” Google spokesman Matt Dittmar told The Associated Press.

The San Francisco-based company’s move will bring nearly 5,000 employees from the Mountain View campus of Google, as well as a handful of other Google facilities.

Google has said it expects the new site to be ready by the end of the year.

The move is a significant step for Google, which has been a long-time Silicon Valley employer.

Its headquarters are located in Mountain Grove, California, about 10 miles (16 kilometers) east of San Francisco.

The Mountain View site was the site of Google’s first headquarters in 1995.

Its Google campus is currently home to Google’s search engine and Gmail, among other businesses.

Google has said that the new Google site will be open by the middle of 2018.

While the new location is smaller than Google’s current headquarters, it will allow Google to add an additional 1,000 to 1,500 employees to the San Francisco office and provide about 2,000 more people to Mountain View.

The move comes as Google is grappling with its growing competition from Amazon, Apple, Facebook and others.

At the same time, Google has been dealing with the effects of a recent fire that destroyed some of its facilities.

It has since reopened the offices, and some employees are starting to return to their work at Google.