Njombaro’s computers are the subject of a $4m tender, with a bid of $5.5m needed to secure the site.

Computer equipment lift operator and manager Peter Fergusson said the tender was awarded after the Njomeu company’s bid was rejected.

“We went to the bid and we’re delighted to say we’ve got a bid on the table,” he said.

The tender includes a plan for the site, a number of other sites on the island, a runway, and a helicopter landing strip.

Mr Fergisson said Njomaro was still in the process of securing the land to build a building and would begin work on the runway by the end of February.

“It’s just one of those things we’re just in the final stages of deciding what we’re going to do,” he told News24.

The site will be leased by the Njuwetea Njokera.

“Njomar has been very active in terms of promoting Njokoar’s economic development,” Mr Fergasson said.

“They’ve been a great partner to the island and have had a positive impact on the environment.”

Mr Fregusson added that the Njoohepia company had been working on the land for the past six years.

“The land is a significant asset to Njolomar and will provide much-needed employment for local workers,” he added.

“Our tender also gives us a unique opportunity to further enhance the local economy and support the development of the nearby communities and tourism industries.”

Njokoerua, the Nguanarati Government, and Njomo are all interested in purchasing the land.

Mr Sefo said the Njinoe would not take a majority stake in the site and would instead use the money to develop the site for the benefit of all.

“In our view, this is the best option,” he continued.

“I’m sure they will be happy with the result.”