Apple, Cisco and Cisco systems will work together to create an Internet of things system that can help businesses monitor and control devices and services, the companies said in a joint statement.

Apple will provide a suite of hardware, software and services to Cisco and Apple, as well as provide a Cisco services portal that will provide support for the new system.

Cisco will also provide the new service for use with Apple’s cloud platform and its services, including the iCloud and Apple Pay apps.

Citigroup analyst Scott Johnson called the partnership “the next logical step in a convergence of the industry’s best businesses and their smartest customers.”

“It will allow companies like Apple to focus on what matters most: making products that empower their customers and helping them thrive,” Johnson said in the statement.

The Cisco deal is the latest example of the partnership between Apple and Cisco, which began with the two companies agreeing to work together in the late 1990s to make products for the internet of things.

In 2012, Cisco unveiled the Cisco Cloud Platform, a service that allows enterprise and consumer applications to be run on a single data center.

The Cloud Platform and other Cisco products were developed as part of the company’s effort to compete with Amazon Web Services.

Apple has said it plans to use the Cloud Platform to help companies monitor, control and monitor their devices.

Citing the “potential for billions of dollars of value to be created,” Cisco also said in its statement that the Cisco cloud platform will “serve as a platform for the integration of the cloud into devices and other services.”

Apple and Cisco are part of an alliance that includes IBM and Intel, which has been working together for more than a decade to bring cloud computing to smartphones and other devices.

The companies have long worked together to develop technologies for the Internet ofThings, including cloud computing, wireless networking, and voice communications.

Apple and Intel are working on a wide range of products, including its own wireless chips, iBeacons, and the iRobot Home robot.